Marylin, Her Final Secret

Role: Additional Cinematography

Producer: Label News
Director: François Pomes

Broadcasters: RTBF, RTS, SBS, Toute l’Histoire, Canal+ Polska, RTVE, RHT, Welt, Channel 8, Radio Canada, Air France, ORF

60th anniversary of her death in 2022

Montand, Miller, Kennedy: the list of Marilyn’s lovers and husbands is long and known to many. But the only man Marilyn Monroe could never find, even though she looked for him her whole life, was none other than her own father. 

After more than two years of investigation, thanks to a strand of Marilyn Monroe’s hair, we have managed to extract chromosomes from her paternal lineage and compare it to the descendants of the men Marilyn’s mother was dating at the time.

This scientific and historical investigation will embark us on a journey from the United States, to England and eventually to France, lifting the veil on one of Marylin Monroe’s last secrets: her biological father.