Archie Role: Director/DP Client: Kekoa Collective Part of an on going series of Short Branded Documentaries for Kekoa Collective. Archie is a short Portrait about someone who is trying to prioritize time and experiences, over the metrics of a more traditional measure of success. WORK

Skeie’s Jewelers

Skeie’s Jewelers Role: Director of Photography Agency: 3rd Strand Director: Alex Kosene A Commercial celebrating Skeie’s Jewelers 100 years Anniversary.  Skeie’s Jewelers is a family-owned, single-location AGS jewelry store based in Eugene, OR that has been in business since 1922. WORK

Wild Roots Gin

Wild Roots gin Role: Director/DP Client: Wild Roots Spirit A 30s Product Commercial with Horizontal and Vertical deliveries for Wild Roots Spirits new Orange & Bergamot Gin. WORK